Customized, Focused Commodity Marketing

Blue Reef Agri-Marketing, Inc. brings a wealth of in-depth experience in agriculture, grain marketing, merchandising, trading and client advisory. As a member of your farm’s advisory board, Blue Reef Agri-Marketing, Inc. can help turn marketing and merchandising into your competitive advantage. In today’s commodity price environment, agricultural producers are faced with high degrees of unpredictability and price volatility. Not only do the commodity markets react to supply and demand factors, but other markets such as equities, interest rates, foreign currencies and energies can cause rapid fluctuations in grain, oilseed and livestock prices.

Let Blue Reef Agri-Marketing, Inc. marketing specialists, Chip Nellinger, Adam Dryer and Scott Dryer help you navigate through the shark infested waters of today’s volatile commodity markets. Contact us today. We want to join your team!

How We Help You Thrive in Today’s Volatile Markets:

Customized Marketing Plan

  • Tailored Cash Sales Recommendations
  • Basis Tracking and Recommendations
  • Strategic Hedge Plan

Profit Margin Analysis

  • Know your true cost of production and break-even
  • Balance marketing decisions with cash flow needs
  • Integrate crop insurance and marketing

Inventory Management Plan

  • Maximize your grain storage
  • Utilize basis and carry
  • Plan ahead for cash flow needs

Global Market Overview

  • An experienced team of market professional monitoring world supply and demand factors, technical chart considerations and global financial markets.

Proactive Communication

  •  Phone Contact with a Team of Specialists
  •  Morning Voice Mail
  •  Market Outlook Videos
  •  Live Web Meetings
  •  On farm Visits