Challenges We Solve

The specifics of every farming operation’s challenges are unique to them, but the reasons growers hire us onto their management team tend to be similar in the following ways:

  1. The markets are so volatile and global in nature and there is so much information available, marketing has become a full time job. How do I stay on top of all of it to make marketing decisions?
  2. There are so many marketing tools available from different cash contracts, futures and options. How do I know which tool is correct and how to use it properly?
  3. Farming has changed so rapidly and my working capital needs have increased so much. How do I better run my farm as the medium to large sized business it has become?
  4. I am frustrated with other marketing firms I’ve hired in the past, they’ve been too speculative in nature and I’ve felt like a number. How do I get someone to focus on my unique operation?
  5. The volatility of the markets has resulted in poor marketing decisions on my part and I find it hard to compete and grow my operation. How do survive, profit and grow in today’s environment?
  6. How do I best utilize my on-farm storage and maximize basis and carry opportunities?

There is a Better Way to Succeed in Marketing

These are challenges each of our clients face. We have shaped our business around them. Having us as a member if your advisory team allows you to turn these challenges into opportunity and makes the uncertainty of the markets into an enjoyable experience.

If you find yourself saying or thinking any of these things, Blue Reef Agri-Marketing can help. Call us at 309-550-7213 or email hidden; JavaScript is required us at to learn how we’d go about improving the marketing on your farm.